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  • Objeto de congreso/Conference Object

    Research plan on the effects of interventions on dropout predictions for higher education institutions 

    Talamás Carvajal, Juan Andrés (2023)
    One of the main challenges that Higher Education Institutions face currently is dropout/ student retention. In most cases, identifying this group of stu-dents is no easy task, and doing so on time is even harder. This ...
  • Preimpreso/Preprint

    Technological ecosystems for enhancing multiculturality (TEEM) 

    Pacheco Velazquez, Ernesto Armando; Rodés Paragarino, Virginia (2023-10-25)
    Game-based learning is an effective approach to developing learning skills, and simulations play a crucial role in the logistics field by providing realistic and hands-on training. This article presents the findings of a ...
  • Objeto de congreso no publicado/Conference Contribution

    11 pasos para el desarrollo de un proyecto editorial 

    Vázquez Parra, José Carlos (2023-08)
    Presentación para conversatorio: generación de posibles proyectos editoriales.
  • Objeto de congreso no publicado/Conference Contribution

    Taller de publicación de mediano y alto impacto 

    Vázquez Parra, José Carlos (2023-08)
    Presentación para el taller de publicación academica de mediano y alto impacto.
  • Reporte/Report

    c-Think&Complex: Pensamiento computacional y pensamiento complejo en el marco de las competencias digitales 

    Tenorio Sepúlveda, Gloria Concepción; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad
    Cuestionario c-Think&Complex. Objetivo: Conocer la percepción acerca del pensamiento computacional en el marco de la complejidad y entornos de uso digital. Descripción: La primera sección del cuestionario consiste en los ...
  • Reporte/Report

    c-Think&Complex: Computational and complex thinking in the framework of digital competences 

    Tenorio Sepúlveda, Gloria Concepción; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad
    Questionnaire c-Think&Complex. Objective: To learn about the perception of the computational thinking in the framework of complexity and digital environment. Description: The first section of the questionnaire consists of ...
  • Objeto de congreso no publicado/Conference Contribution

    IFE research lab building the future of education 

    Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad (2023-09-19)
    We generate, transfer and disseminate applicable knowledge on educational innovation in an experimental, interdisciplinary, open, and world-class way, connecting, inspiring, and accompanying those who seek disruptive ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Education 4.0 Maturity Models for Society 5.0:Systematic literature review 

    González Pérez, Laura Icela; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad; Enciso González, Juan Antonio (Taylor @ Francis Online, 2023-09-16)
    Society 5.0 is a transformative vision for the future driven by integrating digital technologies and human-centered approaches, fusing with cyber-physical spaces to create a smart society that addresses megatrends through ...
  • Artículo/Article

    La mujer novohispana en el mundo del libro 

    García Valente, María de Lourdes (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2023-08-09)
    En la sociedad novohispana, sin importar su clase social, las mujeres se caracterizaban por ser sumisas y se les atribuía una debilidad y sometimiento de tipo patriarcal y confesional. La mujer con estatus económico alto ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Serious games and experiential learning:options for engineering education 

    Pacheco Velázquez, Ernesto Armando; Salinas Navarro, David Ernesto; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad (Università di Genova, 2023-09-04)
    This research delves into the use of simulation games as a learning tool in logistics education, with a focus on the Logistics Simulator and Production Game Simulator. Through an analysis of these two cases, relevant ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Use of wearable devices in the teaching-learning process:a systematic review of the literature 

    Glasserman Morales, Leonardo David; Carlos Arroyo, Martina; Ruiz Ramirez, Jessica Alejandra; Alcántar Nieblas, Carolina (Frontiers, 2013-09-13)
    Multimodal learning analytics (MMLA) has emerged as an encompassing approach to data collection, facilitating the analysis of student interactions across a variety of resources. MMLA capitalizes on data gleaned from diverse ...
  • Objeto de congreso no publicado/Conference Contribution

    Investigación de impacto: camino al futuro de la educación 

    Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad (2023-09-11)
    Objetivo: Dar a conocer la nueva noticia sobre la oportunidad de publicación de participantes.
  • Objeto de congreso no publicado/Conference Contribution

    The importance of open science in the framework of sustainability​ 

    Martínez Arboleda, Antonio (2023-09-06)
    Dar a conocer el potencial que el Bootcamp ofrece y hablar sobre la importancia de la ciencia abierta en el marco de la sostenibilidad.
  • Artículo/Article

    Valoración de preferencias de aprendizaje en estudiantes de educación superior del área de computación 

    Rivera Arzola, Elba Zulma; Jacques García, Fausto Abraham; Glasserman Morales, Leonardo David (Sociedad de Investigación sobre Estudios Digitales S. C., 2023-04-25)
    Al hablar de procesos de aprendizaje, una manera de abordarlo refiere al conocimiento de los rasgos cognitivos, afectivos, fisiológicos, a la forma de organizar información, o las preferencias que resultan más fáciles para ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Feedback as an opportunity to promote lifelong learning in pre-service teachers:a mixed methods study 

    Matsumoto Royo, Kiomi Loreto; Conget, Paulette; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad (Frontiers in Education, 2023-09-04)
    The aim of this study was to investigate whether, within a practice-based curriculum, feedback on the assessment tasks provided during campus coursework offers opportunities to promote lifelong learning dispositions in ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Data analysis in factors of social entrepreneurship to design planning tools in complex thinkin 

    Ibarra Vázquez, Gerardo; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad; Miranda Mendoza, Jhonattan (Science Direct, 2023-08-22)
    This work presents the results of an exploratory pilot that analyzes the factors that influence self-reported social entrepreneurship competency and previous family backgrounds that might positively influence the development ...
  • Conferencia/Lecture

    Use of a visual programming language to gamify statistics instruction for undergraduate students:a literature review and the path forward 

    Félix Herrán, Luis Carlos; Guerrero Serrano, A.; Elizondo Noriega, Armando; Tiruvengadam, Naveen; Ceciliano Meza, José Luis; Ruiz Mendez, F.; Güemes Castorena, David; Meléndez Alfaro, M.; Aldaco Gastelum, A. N.; Castillo Paz, Álvaro Alejandro; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad (2023-07-23)
    Teaching Statistics can be a challenging endeavor. Gamification possesses immense potential to improve acquisition and retention of knowledge in general by way of making learning fun and offering the ability to embed and ...
  • Conferencia/Lecture

    Protocol for using Nintendo switch in an engineering class:a literature review 

    Guerrero Serrano, A.; Elizondo Noriega, Armando; Tiruvengadam, Naveen; Félix Herrán, Luis Carlos; Forte Celaya, Maria Rubi; Ruiz Mendez, F.; Güemes Castorena, David; Lozano Taba, Luis Alberto; Castillo Paz, Álvaro Alejandro; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad (2023-07-23)
    The rapid pace of technological advancement means accelerated emergence of new hardware and software options, which speaks to not only the intellectual capabilities of their designers but also to the immense latent potential ...
  • Conferencia/Lecture

    Education 4.0 supporting remote, hybrid and Face-to-Face teaching-learning systems for academic continuity during the COVID-19 global pandemic 

    Miranda Mendoza, Jhonattan; Esqueda Merino, Donovan Manuel; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad (2023-04)
    The COVID-19 global pandemic provoked the emergence of new teaching-learning systems necessary to guarantee academic continuity at all levels, resulting in remote, hybrid, and face-to-face teaching-learning processes ...
  • Objeto de congreso no publicado/Conference Contribution

    Equity, diversity and inclusion in open education with a focus on Latin America 

    Bossu, Carina (2023-08)
    Presentacion para la charla: Equity, diversity and inclusion in open education with a focus on Latin America, dentro del marco del BootCamp Construyendo juntos el futuro de la educación- Building together the future of education.

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