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  • Artículo/Article

    Development of complex thinking in a professional training process: An approach to business students of a mexican university 

    Carlos Arroyo, Martina; Vázquez Parra, José Carlos; Cruz Sandoval, Marco Antonio; Romero Rodríguez, José María (2023-07-14)
    This article aims to present an analysis of the development of the level of perceived achievement of complex thinking competency in a group of business students at a university in Mexico. The intention was to identify the ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Competency-based learning: an approach integrating the domains of complex thinking competency in a group of mexican students 

    Cruz Sandoval, Marco; Vázquez Parra, José Carlos; Carlos Arroyo, Martina; Medina Vidal, Adriana (Cherkas Global University Press, 2023)
    One characteristic of competency-based education is the integration of knowledge, attitudes, and skills that enable individuals to make better decisions and face the challenges of their professional demands. Given this, ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Editorial: New challenges and trends in rehabilitation devices based on AI and optimization 

    Ponce Cruz, Pedro; Alfaro Ponce, Mariel; López Caudana, Edgar Omar; McDaniel, Troy; Montesinos Silva, Luis Arturo; López Gutiérrez, Jesús Ricardo; Lugo González, Esther (Frontiers, 2023-09-08)
    This editorial paper presents a comprehensive overview of recent advancements and breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) and neural networks, with a particular focus on their applications in various fields such as ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Conscious interfaces: a shared responsibility 

    Ramírez Laureano, Emiliano; Laureano Cruces, Ana Lilia; Ledo Mezquita, Yoel; Flores Mendoza, Claudia (IJISETIndia / IndiaIndia / India, 2018-01)
    The interfaces have gradually become important because they are a conjectural point to achieve antropoformization of the spaces used by humans. Under this perspective, it is essential to have a certain degree of intelligence ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Tool for computer-aided spanish word sense disambiguation 

    Ledo Mezquita, Yoel; Sidorov, Grigori; Gelbukh, Alexander (Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2003-01-01)
    We present a system for for computer-aided WSD mark-up of texts in Spanish. The system is is based on Anaya dictionary, uses a Spanish morphological analyzer and a WSD method based on Lesk algorithm (along with the other ...
  • Artículo/Article

    On similarity of word senses in explanatory dictionaries 

    Gelbukh, Alexander; Sidorov, Grigori; Ledo Mezquita, Yoel (Bahri Publications, 2003-01)
    Quality machine translation (MT) as well as of some other applications (such as information retrieval, IR) require word sense disambiguation (WSD) in the source text. However, WSD is only possible if the word senses specified ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Some linguistic methods of improving the quality of document retrieval on the internet 

    Gelbukh, Alexander; Sidorov, Grigori; Ledo Mezquita, Yoel (Inderscience Publishers, 2005-01)
    One of the problems of e-Business is to find relevant documents for making correct decisions. The main problem of the Internet is the huge amount of documents that makes it difficult to find the relevant ones, hence the ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Mediation models for online learning and perspectives for open innovation: systematic review of the literature 

    Riofrío Calderón, Gioconda; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad (2023-09-25)
    With the advent of information and communication technologies, the implementation of online learning has been accelerated. In addition, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the incorporation of an online model ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Education 4.0 Maturity Models for Society 5.0:Systematic literature review 

    González Pérez, Laura Icela; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad; Enciso González, Juan Antonio (Taylor @ Francis Online, 2023-09-16)
    Society 5.0 is a transformative vision for the future driven by integrating digital technologies and human-centered approaches, fusing with cyber-physical spaces to create a smart society that addresses megatrends through ...
  • Artículo/Article

    La mujer novohispana en el mundo del libro 

    García Valente, María de Lourdes (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, 2023-08-09)
    En la sociedad novohispana, sin importar su clase social, las mujeres se caracterizaban por ser sumisas y se les atribuía una debilidad y sometimiento de tipo patriarcal y confesional. La mujer con estatus económico alto ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Serious games and experiential learning:options for engineering education 

    Pacheco Velázquez, Ernesto Armando; Salinas Navarro, David Ernesto; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad (Università di Genova, 2023-09-04)
    This research delves into the use of simulation games as a learning tool in logistics education, with a focus on the Logistics Simulator and Production Game Simulator. Through an analysis of these two cases, relevant ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Use of wearable devices in the teaching-learning process:a systematic review of the literature 

    Glasserman Morales, Leonardo David; Carlos Arroyo, Martina; Ruiz Ramirez, Jessica Alejandra; Alcántar Nieblas, Carolina (Frontiers, 2013-09-13)
    Multimodal learning analytics (MMLA) has emerged as an encompassing approach to data collection, facilitating the analysis of student interactions across a variety of resources. MMLA capitalizes on data gleaned from diverse ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Valoración de preferencias de aprendizaje en estudiantes de educación superior del área de computación 

    Rivera Arzola, Elba Zulma; Jacques García, Fausto Abraham; Glasserman Morales, Leonardo David (Sociedad de Investigación sobre Estudios Digitales S. C., 2023-04-25)
    Al hablar de procesos de aprendizaje, una manera de abordarlo refiere al conocimiento de los rasgos cognitivos, afectivos, fisiológicos, a la forma de organizar información, o las preferencias que resultan más fáciles para ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Feedback as an opportunity to promote lifelong learning in pre-service teachers:a mixed methods study 

    Matsumoto Royo, Kiomi Loreto; Conget, Paulette; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad (Frontiers in Education, 2023-09-04)
    The aim of this study was to investigate whether, within a practice-based curriculum, feedback on the assessment tasks provided during campus coursework offers opportunities to promote lifelong learning dispositions in ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Data analysis in factors of social entrepreneurship to design planning tools in complex thinkin 

    Ibarra Vázquez, Gerardo; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad; Miranda Mendoza, Jhonattan (Science Direct, 2023-08-22)
    This work presents the results of an exploratory pilot that analyzes the factors that influence self-reported social entrepreneurship competency and previous family backgrounds that might positively influence the development ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Research foresight in bridging open science and open innovation:overview based on the complex thinking paradigm 

    Sanabria Zepeda, Jorge Carlos; Cruz Sandoval, Marco Antonio; Moreno Romo, Athziri; Bosch Gomez, Sofia; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad (Elsevier, 2023-08-06)
    Open innovation benefits from access to cutting-edge discoveries to increase their transformation into tangible applications for the benefit of society. Improving research quality has been proposed as a primary objective ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Stories about gender inequalities and influence factors: a science club case study 

    Buenestado Fernández, Mariana; Ibarra Vázquez, Gerardo; Patiño Zúñiga, Irma Azeneth; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad (Routledge, 2023-08-03)
    This article explores the perception of gender inequality in science and the influencing factors. Data was collected through in-depth interviews with students belonging to a science club; we present it as a case study. ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Use of ChatGPT at university as a tool for complex thinking:students' perceived usefulness 

    Romero Rodríguez, José María; Ramírez Montoya, María Soledad; Buenestado Fernández, Mariana; Lara Lara, Fernando (Universidad de Alicante, 2023-07-15)
    Artificial intelligence (AI) and AI-based chatbots, such as ChatGPT, are transforming the approach to education. In particular, ChatGPT's potential to process large amounts of data and learn from user interactions makes ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Bridging gaps to universal palliative care access in Chile:serious health-related suffering and the cost of expanding the package of care services 

    Pérez Cruz, Pedro Emilio; Undurraga, Eduardo A.; Arreola Ornelas, Hector; Corsi Sotelo, Oscar; Jiang Kwete, Xiao-Xiao; Krakauer, Eric Lewis; Rosa, William E.; Knaul, Felicia Marie (Elsevier, 2023-03-01)
    Background The Lancet Commission on Palliative Care (PC) and Pain Relief quantified the burden of serious health-related suffering (SHS), proposing an Essential Package of PC (EPPC) to narrow the global PC divide. We applied ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Monitoring the emotional response to the COVID-19 pandemic using sentiment analysis: a case study in Mexico 

    León Sandoval, Edgar; Zareei, Mahdi; Barbosa Santillán, Liliana Ibeth; Falcón Morales, Luis Eduardo; Pareja Lora, Antonio; Ochoa Ruiz, Gilberto (Hindawi, 2022-05-18)
    The world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to an unprecedented change in the lifestyle routines of millions. Beyond the general physical health, financial, and social repercussions of the pandemic, the adopted ...

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