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dc.contributor.authorPortuguez Castro, May
dc.contributor.authorGómez Zermeño, Marcela Georgina
dc.contributor.editorYuzhuo Cai
dc.contributor.editorJinyuan Ma
dc.contributor.editorQiongqiong Chen
dc.identifier.citationPortuguez Castro, M. & Gómez Zermeño, M. (2020). The Impact of Higher Education on Entrepreneurship and the Innovation Ecosystem: A Case Study in Mexico. In Cai, Y., Ma, J. & Chen, Q. (Eds). Higher Education in Innovation Ecosystems (pp. 127-144).
dc.description.abstractEntrepreneurship is recognized as an engine for the economy. However, Latin America must promote higher opportunities for the creation of new businesses, especially for technology-based ventures. In this sense, the Center for Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CGIE) of the University of Texas at Austin offers a Master of Science in Technology Commercialization (MCCT) that prepares students with methodologies to promote the creation of new businesses in Mexico. This study aims to know the contribution of training to the creation of new companies, and its role in the innovation and the technology transfer processes, from the viewpoint of the participants. This research presents a case study that analyzes the impact of the MCCT through the analysis of the data of a survey answered by 109 former students of this center. Findings show that the methodologies developed by the MCCT allow the creation of technology-based enterprises and entrepreneurial skills in students. This study presents good practices that can be emulated by other countries in the region, as well as recognizing the great value the role of higher education in creating synergies between actors of the innovation ecosystem that strengthen social and economic growth.es_MX
dc.relationWriting Lab, TecLabs, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexicoes_MX
dc.titleThe Impact of Higher Education on Entrepreneurship and the Innovation Ecosystem: A Case Study in Mexicoes_MX
dc.typeLibro / Bookes_MX
dc.subject.keywordbusiness creationes_MX
dc.subject.keywordtechnology transferes_MX
dc.subject.keywordinnovation ecosystemes_MX
dc.subject.keywordentrepreneurship educationes_MX
dc.subject.keywordscience and technologyes_MX
dc.subject.keywordhigher educationes_MX
dc.subject.keywordeducational innovationes_MX

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