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dc.contributor.authorAcebo, Claudia Jaqueline
dc.contributor.authorRodríguez Gallegos, Ruth
dc.description.abstractThe present work constitutes a research advance, which takes up previous work where the teaching of Mathematics in higher education is modified through experimentation in the classroom using the modeling of real phenomena and / or simulation. The idea is to rethink Mathematical modeling as a didactic strategy that aims to develop not only disciplinary but also transversal competencies such as Critical Thinking. A review of ideas around Critical Thinking is shown, and this is intended to show that Mathematical modeling can help develop this competency in the Mathematics classroom. A theoretical proposal of how we conceive Mathematical modeling and methodological proposals is presented along with elements to look at these processes in the classroom. Considering that this study focuses on the study of the articulation of mathematical modeling as a didactic strategy and on critical thinking, based on mathematical modeling activities, the level of critical thinking of engineering students who perform these modeling activities in a Differential Equations course will be evaluated.es_MX
dc.formatEn Extenso / In Extensoes_MX
dc.rightsOpen Accesses_MX
dc.titleTheoretical and Methodological Proposal on the Development of Critical Thinking through Mathematical Modeling in the Training of Engineerses_MX
dc.typeArtículo de Conferencia / Conference Articlees_MX
dc.conference.nameTechnological Ecosystems for Enhancing Multiculturality (TEEM 2019)es_MX
dc.conference.hostUniversidad de Leónes_MX
dc.conference.locationLeón, Españaes_MX
dc.subject.keywordMathematical teachinges_MX
dc.subject.keywordmathematical modelinges_MX
dc.subject.keywordcritical thinkinges_MX
dc.subject.keywordeducational innovationes_MX
dc.subject.keywordhigher educationes_MX
dc.contributor.affiliationInstituto Tecnológico de Monterreyes_MX
dc.subject.disciplineCiencias Sociales / Social Sciencesyes_MX

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