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dc.contributor.authorGarcía-González, Abel
dc.contributor.authorRamírez Montoya, María Soledad
dc.description.abstractOpen innovation presents data that may be of value for future research and empirical studies in sustainable training environments. This paper aims to analyze the evidence published in the last three years (2015–2018) regarding open innovation, in order to identify the publications on the subject that may contribute to other studies or practical experiences. The systematic mapping method was used, reviewing 104 articles published from January 2015 to September 2018, which included studies on open innovation that were published in two databases—Web of Science (WOS) and Scopus. Inclusion, exclusion and quality criteria were applied in order to obtain the most relevant information. Findings show the type of methodology used, the most cited articles, the journals where they were published, the geographical distribution of the authors, the area of influence, contexts of application and the topics addressed. This paper provides value to assess progress, identify challenges and contexts of less influence, as well as to establish a database of scientific studies as support for future research.es_MX
dc.rightsOpen Accesses_MX
dc.titleSystematic Mapping of Scientific Production on Open Innovation (2015–2018): Opportunities for Sustainable Training Environmentses_MX
dc.typeArtículo / Articlees_MX
dc.subject.keywordOpen innovationes_MX
dc.subject.keywordTraining environmentses_MX
dc.subject.keywordSystematic mappinges_MX
dc.contributor.affiliationTecnológico de Monterreyes_MX
dc.subject.disciplineCiencias / Scienceses_MX

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