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      A systematic review of genetic mutations in pulmonary arterial hypertension 

      Garcia-Rivas, Gerardo; Jerjes-Sánchez, Carlos; Rodriguez, David; Garcia-Pelaez, José; Trevino, Victor (02/08/2017)
      Abstract Background Pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH) is a group of vascular diseases that produce right ventricular dysfunction, heart failure syndrome, and death. Although the majority of patients appear idiopathic, ...
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      Mitigation of salt stress in white clover (Trifolium repens) by Azospirillum brasilense and its inoculation effect 

      Khalid, Muhammad; Bilal, Muhammad; Hassani, Danial; Iqbal, Hafiz M N; Wang, Hang; Huang, Danfeng; Khalid, Muhammad; Bilal, Muhammad; Hassani, Danial; Iqbal, Hafiz M N; Wang, Hang; Huang, Danfeng (03/01/2017)
      Abstract Background Salinity is one of the increasingly serious environmental problems worldwide for cultivating agricultural crops. The present study was aimed to ascertain the potential of beneficial soil bacterium ...
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      Adult white New Zealand rabbit as suitable model for corneal endothelial engineering 

      Valdéz García, Jorge E.; Lozano Ramirez, Juan F; Zavala, Judith (Springer Open, 04/02/2015)
      Abstract Background Corneal endothelium engineering is focused in producing transplantable cell sheets to overcome the shortage of corneal graft tissue donors for the treatment of corneal blindness. For this purpose, the ...
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      Experimental approach to IGF-1 therapy in CCl4-induced acute liver damage in healthy controls and mice with partial IGF-1 deficiency 

      Morales-Garza, Luis A; Puche, Juan E; Aguirre, Gabriel A; Muñoz, Úrsula; García-Magariño, Mariano; De la Garza, Rocío G; Castilla-Cortazar, Inma; Morales-Garza, Luis A; Puche, Juan E; Aguirre, Gabriel A; Muñoz, Úrsula; García-Magariño, Mariano; De la Garza, Rocío G; Castilla-Cortazar, Inma (04/05/2017)
      Abstract Background Cell necrosis, oxidative damage, and fibrogenesis are involved in cirrhosis development, a condition in which insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) levels are diminished. This study evaluates whether the ...
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      Gamification and service marketing 

      Conaway, Roger; Garay, Mario C. (Springer Open, 04/11/2014)
      Abstract Our paper addresses the development of the gamification concept with business applications. We report on our survey of customers and managers seeking to participate in gamification on their websites. We examined ...
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      A computer simulation model of Wolbachia invasion for disease vector population modification 

      Guevara Souza, Mauricio; Vallejo Clemente, Edgar E. (Open Access Publisher, 05/10/2015)
      Abstract Background Wolbachia invasion has been proved to be a promising alternative for controlling vector-borne diseases, particularly Dengue fever. Creating computer models that can provide insight into how vector ...
    • Artículo / Article

      Insulin-like growth factor-1 deficiency and metabolic syndrome 

      Aguirre, G. A.; Rodríguez de Ita, Julieta; De la Garza, R. G.; Castilla Cortázar, Isabel (Open Access Publisher, 06/01/2016)
    • Journal Article

      Simple Route to Obtain Nanostructured CeO2 Microspheres and CO Gas Sensing Performance 

      López-Mena, Edgar R; Michel, Carlos R; Martínez-Preciado, Alma H; Elías-Zuñiga, Alex; López-Mena, Edgar R; Michel, Carlos R; Martínez-Preciado, Alma H; Elías-Zuñiga, Alex (06/03/2017)
      Abstract In this work, nanostructured CeO2 microspheres with high surface area and mesoporosity were prepared by the coprecipitation method, in absence of a template. The reaction between cerium nitrate and concentrated ...
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      Screening family planning needs: an operations research project in Guatemala 

      Mendez, Francisco; López, Felipe; Brambila Paz, Carlos; Burkhart, Marianne (Open Access Publisher, 06/05/2004)
      Abstract Background Public sector health care providers in rural Guatemala have infrequently offered family planning information and services in routine visits. This operations research project tested a strategy to modify ...
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      Undergraduate students’ conceptual interpretation and perceptions of haptic-enabled learning experiences 

      Shaikh, Uzma A S; Magana, Alejandra J; Neri, Luis; Escobar-Castillejos, David; Noguez, Julieta; Benes, Bedrich; Shaikh, Uzma A S; Magana, Alejandra J; Neri, Luis; Escobar-Castillejos, David; Noguez, Julieta; Benes, Bedrich (08/05/2017)
      Abstract Although visualization remains a primary mode of interaction in simulations, touch is the most common way people use to interact with the physical objects. A greater sense of immersion in a learning environment ...
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      Analysis and experimental evaluation of the frequency response of an indoor radiating cable in the UHF band 

      Seseña Osorio, Jorge A.; Zaldívar Huerta, Ignacio E.; Aragón Zavala, Alejandro; Castañón Ávila, Gerardo A. (Springer Open, 10/02/2015)
      Abstract We present the modeling of the frequency response of the channel for a radiating cable system by using an autoregressive model for an indoor environment. The coefficients of the autoregressive model are determined ...
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      Safety of targeting tumor endothelial cell antigens 

      Wagner, Samuel C.; Riordan, Neil H.; Ichim, Thomas E.; Szymanski, Julia; Ma, Hong; Perez, Jesus A.; López, Javier; Plata Muñoz, Juan J.; Silva, Francisco; Patel, Amit N.; Kesari, Santosh (Springer Open, 12/04/2016)
      Abstract The mechanisms underlying discrimination between “self” and “non-self”, a central immunological principle, require careful consideration in immune oncology therapeutics where eliciting anti-cancer immunity must ...
    • Artículo / Article

      Molecular evolution and expression profile of the chemerine encoding gene RARRES2 in baboon and chimpanzee 

      González Alvarez, Rafael; Garza Rodríguez, María; Delgado Enciso, Iván; Treviño Alvarado, Víctor M.; Canales Del Castillo, Ricardo; Martínez De Villarreal, Laura E.; Lugo Trampe, Ángel; Tejero, María E.; Schlabritz Loutsevitch, Natalia E.; Rocha Pizaña, María; Cole, Shelley A.; Reséndez Pérez, Diana; Moises Alvarez, Mario; Comuzzie, Anthony G.; Barrera Saldaña, Hugo A.; Garza Guajardo, Raquel; Barboza Quintana, Oralia; Rodríguez Sánchez, Irám P. (Springer Open, 12/06/2015)
      Abstract Background Chemerin, encoded by the retinoic acid receptor responder 2 (RARRES2) gene is an adipocytesecreted protein with autocrine/paracrine functions in adipose tissue, metabolism and inflammation with a recently ...
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      Altered liver expression of genes involved in lipid and glucose metabolism in mice with partial IGF-1 deficiency: an experimental approach to metabolic syndrome 

      Rodríguez de Ita, Julieta; Castilla Cortázar, Isabel; Aguirre, G. A; Sánchez Yago, C.; Santos Ruiz, M. O; Guerra Menéndez, L.; Martín Estal, I.; García Magariño, M.; Lara Díaz, Victor J.; Puche, J. E; Muñoz, U. (Springer Open, 14/10/2015)
      Abstract Background Insulin growth factor 1 (IGF-1) has multiple effects on metabolism. Much evidence suggests that the deficiency of this hormone increases insulin resistance, impairs lipid metabolism, augments oxidative ...
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      Primary retroperitoneal mucinous cystadenocarcinoma: report of two cases 

      de León, David C.; Pérez Montiel, Delia; Chanona Vilchis, José; Dueñas González, Alfonso; Villavicencio Valencia, Verónica; Zavala Casas, Gladys (BioMed Central Ltd, 15/01/2007)
      Abstract Background Retroperitoneal cystadenocarcinomas are rare lesions, the majority of cases presented as one-patient reports. Methods We present two cases of retroperitoneal cystadenocarcinoma, both in women of ...
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      Indicators of pedagogical quality for the design of a Massive Open Online Course for teacher training 

      Gómez Zermeño, Marcela G.; Sancho-Vinuesa, Teresa; Alemán de la Garza, Lorena Y. (Springer Open, 15/01/2015)
      Abstract Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have generated high expectations and revolutionized some educational practices by providing open educational resources for reference, usage and adaptation; therefore, their ...
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      The Relationship between Post Formats and Digital Engagement: A Study of the Facebook Pages of Mexican Universities 

      Valerio Ureña, Gabriel; Herrera Murillo, Dagoberto J.; Villanueva-Puente, Fernando; Herrera Murillo, Natalia; Rodríguez-Martínez, María del Carmen (15/01/2015)
      Abstract Higher education institutions have acknowledged the importance of social networks for multiple purposes, such as exploring innovative mechanisms for teaching-learning processes, colonizing new social communication ...
    • Artículo / Article

      Technology-assisted stroke rehabilitation in Mexico: a pilot randomized trial comparing traditional therapy to circuit training in a Robot/technology-assisted therapy gym 

      Bustamante Valles, Karla; Montes, Sandra; Madrigal, Maria de Jesús; Burciaga, Adan; Martínez, María E.; Johnson, Michelle J. (Springer Open, 15/09/2016)
      Abstract Background Stroke rehabilitation in low- and middle-income countries, such as Mexico, is often hampered by lack of clinical resources and funding. To provide a cost-effective solution for comprehensive post-stroke ...
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      Effects of bone marrow cell transplant on thyroid function in an I131-induced low T4 and elevated TSH rat model 

      Guajardo Salinas, Gustavo E.; Carvajal, Juan A.; Gaytan Ramos, Ángel A.; Arroyo, Luis; López Reyes, Alberto G.; Islas, José F.; Cano, Beiman G.; Arroyo Currás, Netzahualcoyótl; Dávalos, Alfredo; Madrid, Gloria; Moreno Cuevas, Jorge E. (Open Access Publisher, 18/01/2007)
      Abstract Background We developed a study using low dose radioactive iodine creating an animal model of transient elevation of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). Male derived bone marrow cells were transplanted to asses ...
    • Congreso de Investigación y Extensión del Sistema Tecnológico de Monterrey-XXXIV 

      Dirección de Investigación y Extensión, Campus Monterrey (2003)
      Presentación de ponencias de resultados de investigación y extensión de profesores, profesionistas de apoyo y estudiantes de los 29 campus que integran el Sistema Tec de Monterrey. Mas informacion en: http://educont.mty. ...