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Tesis y Trabajos de grado para obtener un grado académico del Tecnológico de Monterrey

  • Conferencia/Lecture

    Adaptive evaluation for barriers elimination: The OpenEDR4C platform 

    Álvarez Icaza Longoria, Inés; Molina Espinosa, José Martín; Suárez Brito, Paloma; Alvarado Reyes, Ignacio (IEEEXplore, 2024)
    The demands of contemporary work and education environments, embodied in Industry and Education 4.0 paradigms, have caused special attention to reducing the digital and educational gap among marginalized students and ...
  • Conferencia/Lecture

    Health monitoring kiosk: A use case of the DM4O design methodology 

    Álvarez Icaza Longoria, Inés; Montalvo Urquizo, Jonathan; Huerta Cardoso, Omar Ivan (Springer Link, 2024-07)
    The rapid and revolutionary transitions in the second decade of the millennium are forcing us to observe and include new perspectives to shape our present and future. Some believe that, at this point, it is crucial to learn ...
  • Artículo/Article

    Entrepreneurial thinking and education 4.0 in communities with development gaps: an approach through the sustainable development goals 

    Leiva Lugo, Lorena; Álvarez Icaza Longoria, Inés; López Hernández, Francisco Javier; Miranda Mendoza, Jhonattan (Frontiers, 2024-05-10)
    Entrepreneurial thinking is considered a desirable competency in the profile of today’s professionals because it includes sub-competencies that strengthen individuals’ leadership capacity and stimulate the development of ...
  • Artículo/Article

    What do we evaluate in serious games? A systematic review 

    Pacheco Velázquez, Ernesto Armando; Rabago Mayer, Lucia; Bester, Andre; Rodés Paragarino, Virginia (2023-10)
    Serious games have emerged as an invaluable tool in education, revolutionizing the way students learn and engage with complex concepts. These games combine entertainment with educational content, creating immersive and ...
  • Conferencia/Lecture

    Proposal for a participatory methodology for the creation of serious games 

    Pacheco Velázquez, Ernesto Armando; Rabago Mayer, Lucia; Bester, Andre; Rodés Paragarino, Virginia (2023-10)
    We are facing a new generation of students, who are not only looking for theoretical knowledge, but also want learning to be practical, interesting, and fun. They request didactic techniques that allow them to have a more ...